I help health and beauty entrepreneurs, innovated health start-ups, direct sellers and service based business owners monetize their remarkable brand and products using the latest digital tools and smart automated marketing systems.

What if you had a predictable way to get all the leads and clients you want? Many entrepreneurs  understand the importance of marketing their businesses online - but there's a huge problem - they are operating with zero strategy.
Grab The Lead Getting Machine And Put Your Offers In Front Of Your Ideal Customers Or Clients Without Needing A Massive Online Presence Or Taking On A Ton Of Risk
Entrepreneurs hire me to unleash the power of online marketing to sell their products and services :
Digital Strategy
Providing consumer research strategy creation, market assessment,  and deep consumer insight for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns that best suit your company.
Facebook Advertising
Using advanced strategies to drive high volume profitable ad campaigns to targeted audiences resulting in customer and client acquisition for your company.

Email Marketing

Together with some of the best content creators and copywriters, I compose content that builds sincere connections and sells.

Social Media Strategy
Social media is an extension of your brand’s identity. I will help you with how, where and when to share your story to produce tangible results.

LinkedIn On Auto
I will create an cold-outreach marketing system and build your brand and influence on LinkedIn for automated lead and customer acquisition.
Marketing Funnels
Work with me to map out and build a profitable customer/client experience on your marketing funnels, website and throughout the entire acquisiton process.
Would you like to:
  • ​Develop the right mindset and belief in yourself and what you offer?
  • Create a Vision for your life and business that supports your time; your goals and your actions in your business?
  • Know exactly who your ideal client is; what they want; and how your offer provides the solution they desire?
  • ​Craft “Success Language” so you no longer feel “salesy” or “hypey”?
  • ​Know what to say in every situation?
  • ​Know how to Introduce and share your offer?
  • ​Solidify Your Business Growth Plan - how are you going to hit your goals?
  • ​Develop a “sales cycle system” and effective follow up?
  • ​Move yourself to the next “comma” in profitability?
Let Me Help You Change Lives
Hi, I’m Debbie Knudsen, a former award-winning opera singer turned online marketing strategist.  

I help consultants, start-ups, direct sellers and service based business owners change lives by marketing their remarkable brand and products using the latest digital tools and smart automated marketing systems.

For the past 5 years I focused mainly on driving high volume Facebook traffic to amazing offers that improve people’s lives… The majority of which have been highly profitable lead generation campaigns.

I approach my clients as if it’s my own company by always looking for new and creative ways to boost end results. I provide structure and follow-through while providing insight and strategy to the big picture. With a strong foundation in the digital space, I am a multi-dimensional marketing strategist capable of wearing many hats. Whether it’s social media, digital marketing or consumer research, my philosophy is that you can always do more for your company.

I love working with high integrity offers and brands who are obsessed with improving the lives of their customers and clients.

I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, will it be yours?

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to me at: or schedule a discovery call to discuss how I can help you get more leads, sales and ultimately a highly profitable business.

I am all about being…

If there is a skill or task that falls out of my wheelhouse, I will connect you with the best resource for your business needs and budget. I have connections to many global leaders in the online marketing space.

Tech Savvy   
Marketing software, tools, and platforms continually evolve to help you better serve your customers. I enjoy the time I spend every day keeping up with what's new and learning ways to apply improved technology to support your business. 

It’s essential to run a well-organized business with clear documentation. I leverage my passion for process and organization to help you document results.

The world of design is now in reach. I bring the experience of using image, video, and audio to prepare a myriad of creative assets for you. Some examples include social media assets, e-book creative, infographics, logos, banners, flyers, and more. 
What People Are Saying:
recommend... FUN"
21 days ago, I never thought I would work with online marketing!! But thanks to Booking Faces with Debbie Knudsen - I have learn tons - (even about myself!!) Many thanks for your support, your actions, your patience and encouraging me that even I can do this - I am so grateful -- I strongly recommend the courses - YOU have time to learn now and build your own business and most of all IT IS FUN!!  

Alison - Oslo, Norway
"Working with her...
WOW it’s worth it!"
For those who don’t know Debbie Knudsen, all I can say is that she is real and is really there for us to succeed. I have been working with her and WOW it’s worth it!!!! You will think differently about the way you do business!! I now know how to get way MORE sales! Debbie shows everyone step by step how to succeed! She has the experience too! She is a wonderful person who really cares!! I would recommend her to anyone!!  
Joanne - Montreal, Quebec
"...greatly expanded my customer base"
 I have been working with Booking Faces for the last 30 days. When I started following the lessons, the results started to show up. I like to have specific tasks to work with and they were clear in the course! I have greatly expanded my customer base and I've never received so many comments in one post before! I'm so happy that I found Debbie and followed her program! If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!  
Dragana - Stockholm, Sweden
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